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Water Disinfection

For Ships, Shipping Companies and Shipyards

On cruise vessels, ferries and yachts there are numerous applications for water disinfection. Large ships are often self-sufficient in producing potable water. They are using a reverse osmosis to produce potable from seawater. The water produced is then stored in large tanks. To stored water must be disinfected to prevent contamination.

Another way of supplying ships with potable water is the bunkering of potable water in ports. The water tanks are filled with potable water from municipal water supply systems. To guarantee the sterility of the water, the water must be disinfected before entering the water tanks on-board.

Besides the supply of potable water for ships are a variety of other water disinfection applications. These include:

  • Disinfection of pipework
  • Swimming pool water (pools, hot tubs, sauna, plunge pools, etc.)
  • Disinfection in wastewater treatment
  • Disinfectant in the kitchen area (surface disinfection)
  • Food and beverage production (e.g. breweries)

With REDO technology several disinfection application on ships can be covered in at the same time. REDO systems can be installed in the ship and flexibly adjusted to the specific requirements. Advantages of REDO technology, when deployed on vessels include:

  • No safety risk on board during production and application of the disinfectant
  • Shortening of disinfection times through rapid and sustainable disinfection
  • Avoidance of toxic or carcinogenic disinfection by-products (THMs)
  • Prevention of biofilm formation
  • Excellent depot effect throughout the pipework
  • No smell and taste of chlorine
  • Low operational costs and low maintenance
  • Improved image and public perception when using eco-friendly technology in shipbuilding


Clean Water Fund

INWASOL and the Clean Water Fund have developed a special solution for water projects:

Due to a strong partnership with the Clean Water Fund, INWASOL is not only able to provide its customers with an innovative German water disinfection technology, but also with several financing solutions.

We are looking forward to your inquiry. There is a suitable solution for every customer.