Inwasol - Water Disinfection for Residential - and Office Buildings

Disinfection of Drinking Water in Residential and Office Buildings

A Challenge for Facility Management

Large residential or commercial buildings pose particular challenges to ensure an excellent quality of potable water:

  • Pipe networks are widely branched
  • Routing of the pipework is often not optimized for the shortest distance to tabs
  • Many tabs are rarely used
  • unoccupied parts of the building are not always fully cut off from the water supply
  • Access point to the pipe network, e.g. for firefighters, are particular breeding ground for contaminations
  • Utilization by many different consumers of the pipe network increases the probability of infection with germs

Overview Residential and Office Buildings

REDO technology is the answer to the challenges faced in facility management: the REDO system was developed based on the electrolysis process. Only a few grams of salt and a very small amount of energy are required to disinfect 1,000 litres of water. To accomplish this a small amount of the water is taken from the main water line. This water is fed into the cabinet-sized REDO system where to disinfect REDOlyt is produced. The water is then fed back into the main water line. Any existing contamination is eliminated immediately. In addition, a long-term depot effect prevents the formation of biofilms in the pipework and re-contamination in the water distribution network of the building. The advantages can be summarized as follows:

  • No security risks in the production and application of the disinfectant
  • No safety risks during transport and storage of hazardous substances
  • Avoidance of toxic or carcinogenic disinfection by-products (THMs)
  • Prevention of biofilm formation
  • Excellent depot effect throughout pipework
  • Tap water can be used as drinking water
  • No costly water dispenser required
  • No chlorine smell and taste
  • Low operational costs and low maintenance
  • Improved image and public perception, due to higher safety and better health protection


Clean Water Fund

INWASOL and the Clean Water Fund have developed a special solution for water projects:

Due to a strong partnership with the Clean Water Fund, INWASOL is not only able to provide its customers with an innovative German water disinfection technology, but also with several financing solutions.

We are looking forward to your inquiry. There is a suitable solution for every customer.