Inwasol - Mobile Units for Water Disinfection

Mobile Units

for Disaster Relief, Crisis Areas and Rural Areas

REDO ® Mobile systems are able to free almost any water from germs and microbiologically loads - regardless of how remote the location may be. Even in difficult environmental conditions (natural disaster or war zones) REDO ® Mobile systems can be deployed.

REDO ® Mobile is a special unit for the production of potable water in disaster and crisis areas or other isolated areas. REDO ® Mobile systems have demonstrated their capabilities in many conflict areas. They were deployed, for example after natural disasters in the Philippines, in Haiti and in Pakistan.

To ensure fully functioning autonomous systems in remote areas without energy supply REDO ® Mobile systems for water disinfection can be equipped with solar panels and no diesel generators or other energy sources are needed. This is especially helpful in crisis areas or remote locations where neither energy supply nor diesel generators exist.

Mobile Unit

Use cases REDO®mobile:

  • Potable water supply in disaster, conflict or crisis areas
  • Water disinfection in refugee camps to prevent the spread of disease

Advantages of REDO ® mobile:

  • Systems can be deployed immediately and without further preparation
  • Extremely simple operation
  • Can be used with heavily contaminated and germ-infected water


  • Facilities are fully equipped
  • With all necessary filters, suction- and discharge hoses as well as product tanks
  • Installation on transport vehicle (minibus, trailer, etc.) is possible
  • Performance is up to 10,000 litres an hour

REDO®mobile in Pakistan after the floods in 2010.


Clean Water Fund

INWASOL and the Clean Water Fund have developed a special solution for water projects:

Due to a strong partnership with the Clean Water Fund, INWASOL is not only able to provide its customers with an innovative German water disinfection technology, but also with several financing solutions.

We are looking forward to your inquiry. There is a suitable solution for every customer.