Inwasol - Water Utilities and Wastewater Treatment Plants

Innovative Water Disinfection without Investment Risks

for Water Utilities and Wastewater Treatment Plants

The need for disinfection is obvious for water utilities and wastewater treatment plants. Both require different approaches and have different requirements for water disinfection processes and  efficacy. Please find additional information on the following pages:

To enable water utilities a speedy replacement of existing disinfection facilities or a first time deployment of REDOs innovative disinfectant technology, INWASOL offers customers individual finance models:

  • without investment risks
  • with unlimited time for testing the benefits of a REDO Water Disinfection over e.g. rental models
  • with a proven technology which is already installed in 31 countries worldwide

E.g.: Once you decide that you want to use REDO Technology, a fixed lease- or rental term of 18 months can be agreed, which can be extended indefinitely. After the initial 18 months customers have a 3-month cancellation period if they decide so. Other finance models are availible as well.

Test us - as long as you want! And enjoy all the advantages of an outstanding disinfection technology, which was awarded with the German Innovation Award.


Clean Water Fund

INWASOL and the Clean Water Fund have developed a special solution for water projects:

Due to a strong partnership with the Clean Water Fund, INWASOL is not only able to provide its customers with an innovative German water disinfection technology, but also with several financing solutions.

We are looking forward to your inquiry. There is a suitable solution for every customer.