Inwasol - Advantages Technology of REDO Water Systems

Advantages of REDO Technology

Effectivity and Security

REDO Technology offers a safe alternative to disinfection technology which use chlorine, which requires sophisticated safety infrastructure, very often in densely populated areas. Water Disinfection using chlorine also carries ecological and health risks due to by-products like THM haloalkanes (THM). REDO Water Disinfection simply doesn´t produce such by-products.
Furthermore, REDO Technology, utilizing a mix of active components, is far more effective. On one hand even persistent and rare germs are effectively eliminated, on the other hand the relatively low doses can be used to accomplish thorough and complete disinfection. Disinfection using chlorine often affects flavour and odour of the disinfected water.

1. Advantages in Efficiency
The REDO Technology is based on the decentralized production of an optimized mix of disinfectants. The method used is the membrane electrolysis and has long been known.  Through continuous improvements and developments of the method by REDO Water Systems, which were honoured in 2004 with the National Innovation Award of the Federal Minister of Economics and Labour, it became possible to ensure this method achieves process stability on an industrial scale. The focus is the improvement of the microprocessor-controlled process control, the coating of electrodes used in the electrolysis, the optimization of the electrolysis chamber and the selection of materials and components. The precise process control and optimization of production parameters facilitates the production of a mix of different disinfecting agents. Different disinfecting agents ensure that different spectra of disinfective targets are meet over time. The REDO mix, opposed to conventional chlorination disinfection, is also optimized to be effective against "difficult" germs and still using very low doses of disinfective solution.

2. Advantages in Safety
Chlorine continues to be one of the compounds is the electrolysis process, although the REDO technology it actually replaces. However, due to the on-site production within the water the safety risk of handling and storing chlorine gas cylinders is eliminated. Chlorine gas accidents unfortunately still occur often and cause serious injuries and fatal accidents. The REDO Method completely eliminates this risk. Due to the combination of other compounds contained in the REDO Disinfection solution, other than chlorine, the aforementioned significant improvements in efficacy and tolerance of human health are achieved.

3. Ecological Aspects
From ecological perspective REDO disinfection Technology is not only superior over traditional methods, if one takes into account the use of chemicals and reduced emission of disinfection by-products, but also when taking into account the much lower climate gas emission, due to very low energy consumption.
Another positive aspect is costly transportation of chlorine gas, which REDO Technology doesn´t require. This results in much better energy efficiency in industrial scale processes. The consumed energy is producing large amount disinfection solutions at relatively low amperage.  The resulting lower energy consumption is more cost efficient, even more compared to energy-intensive processes such as UV disinfection.


Clean Water Fund

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