Inwasol - Sales and Channel Partner

Sales and  Channel Partner

INWASOL is expanding its network of sales and channel partners

You already have expertise and and track record in Water Treatment, Water Utilities or Cleantech. You are looking to expand your market and customer segments?

You want to provide your customers with innovative, low maintenance, highly effective and commercially viable water disinfection solutions developed and made in Germany?

INWASOL is looking for partners with experience and expertise in Water Treatment, Water Utilities and Cleantech. We will enable you to expand the range of solutions on the technical side as well as the commercial side. Our financing solutions will enable our partners to differentiate them from their peers and having a competitive advantage in your markets. You will be able to provide your customers with a wider range of products and solutions.

The partners we are looking for ideally meet the following criteria:

  • an established distribution- and sales network in the Water Treatment, Water Disinfection or adjacent industries
  • Experience in installation and technical maintenance
  • Knowledge and practical expertise about Water Treatment Technologies in your industry
  • Experience in system integration of Water Disinfection Technologies

Contact over Mrs. Mareen Schneider under


Clean Water Fund

INWASOL and the Clean Water Fund have developed a special solution for water projects:

Due to a strong partnership with the Clean Water Fund, INWASOL is not only able to provide its customers with an innovative German water disinfection technology, but also with several financing solutions.

We are looking forward to your inquiry. There is a suitable solution for every customer.